Few thoughts on Instruction.

A few evenings ago for some reason i put myself through the torture of a 10 min instruction video on YouTube. Now i’ve been in the business a long time and i’d like to think i’m still open minded enough to listen to new methods or ideas. After ten minutes of mind blowingly speedy swing technique delivery the pro wished us well in our endeavour to perfect our pressure shift and hip rotation. I actually needed a recovery period after this video and an extra sip of my wine. If i’m honest i had no idea what the point of the video was especially as he had not even held a golf club through the whole episode.

Let’s just be clear i use tech every day in my teaching including 3D and it’s invaluable and fun to use. But we need to take a deep breath as i did the other evening as i recovered from the barage of resistance and pressure. Using correct terminology is not the issue here as long as your pupil knows what the hell you’re talking about. Some very popular social media instructors have done a good job in encouraging us to use correct terminology. I always enjoyed ex Trackman Maestro for example.

The reality in the ‘trenches’ is this. Years ago when teaching i would be educating and informing most golfers. Now i find i’m spending more time ‘cleansing’ golfers of irrelevant info or stuff they’ve picked up which has no bearing on them actually swinging the club. I often think how John Jacobs would have worked in this era. I’m sure he would have loved all the tech and learnt a bunch from it. But where he would have excelled is his selection of relevant info, pace of delivery, concise correct terminology and empathy. He never tried to sound smart he just genuinely wanted to help people. I will continue to try and do the same.

4 thoughts on “Few thoughts on Instruction.

  1. Super post, David.


    1. Well said. I’m not a golf instructor. I am a golfing enthusiast. And I have , in the past week, shared the greatest golf tip I have uncovered in the fifteen years I have been a club golfer. And that is, let your lead KNEE initiate your takeaway, moving towards your back KNEE, before moving your hands and arms. Please try this, whilst holding a golf club!


  2. Spot on David, JJ would just sigh!


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